Car purchase / sale contract – what should it include?

The contract for the purchase or sale of cars is one of the most important documents confirming the purchase of a new vehicle. Its legal correctness is important so that no official can challenge it. Let’s check how the car sales contract should look like, what should be included in it and what elements should be paid attention to?

What is a car sales contract?

What is a car sales contract?

Simply put, it is a document whose purpose is to transfer the vehicle from the hands of the current owner to the buyer. This contract may be handwritten, and may also be based on the model or template of other contracts available online. The form and visual matter is irrelevant – for the substantive issue of the document is more relevant, more on which below.

What must a car sales contract include?

What should be included in the agreement we draw up or sign? Pay attention to the correctness and presence of such information as:

  • Date and place of transaction
  • Basic personal data of the two parties to the transaction: first name, last name, PESEL, address of residence (registered address), number of the document confirming identity. If the car has co-owners, all owners’ details must be entered in the same way
  • Vehicle information – make, model, year of manufacture, chassis number, registration number
  • Transaction Amount
  • other paragraphs, whose presence is not necessary, but provides excellent protection and inform the other party to the transaction. In this element we can distinguish: a written statement about the transfer of additional documents and keys to the car or assuring the seller that he is the legal owner of the car

Also pay attention to the information about accident-free accidents – often this information is given too quickly and without a thorough analysis of the vehicle history. For this purpose, it is best to use free databases that collect information from a few years ago. The situation is similar in the case of an accurate declaration of mileage. It is safer to provide the meter reading by explaining the information in an additional statement. It is much safer to point out that we do not have sufficient information on a parameter than to knowingly provide false information. This issue concerns both technical elements and the price itself. The latter, seemingly obvious aspect, occurs extremely often, especially when the seller forgets about the liability arising from the declaration before the Tax Office.

Additional information

Additional information

Before you sign a rental agreement or purchase a car, you must take into account that the buyer will request several important parameters and information. Providing them is an obvious element of the transaction and indicates the legality of the transaction. If you are the buyer, try to find out the most important information about the technical condition of the vehicle. This information includes the date of the final review or VIN.

Importantly – the seller is responsible for hidden defects. However, what is important, the buyer must absolutely report the defect at the latest one month after noticing it. The warranty covers the year from the time the car sales contract was signed, which results from the Civil Code and does not have to be included in the document being signed.

Warning! Remember that in addition to the signed contract, it is also important that you carefully view and analyze the vehicle. Do not buy a car without first checking it, possibly testing it and meeting your current owner.


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