November 2016 – ranking of the cheapest loans

Easy loan repayment without worrying about additional costs and instant access to the money you need? Banks offer more and more favorable conditions, wanting to compete for new recipients. However, deflation, which is likely to end, still affects the nominal interest rate of all available debts.

Take advantage of the opportunities


That are currently available and sign a contract that will provide you with minimal fees and above all great comfort not only during the conclusion of the contract but throughout its entire period.

Your debt will have an impact on the budget you have even for several years, which is worth keeping in mind when thinking about choosing an offer.

Current ranking – check what offers are attractive this month


To reduce your expenses you can easily use a comparison of services. The ranking of cash loans is available at any time for you, you don’t have to pay for using it, and the biggest advantage is gathering the most important information in one place. This tool will help you choose the commitment and allow you to carefully plan the process of applying for a loan, as well as its repayment.

November is not surprising in terms of interest, the leaders of the ranking are banks that have been competing for the highest place in the list of loans for any purpose for several months.

Banks are increasingly willing to offer promotional debts, which due to preferential conditions attract the attention of even undecided customers. Remember that cheap credit is not only low interest rates, and often even a lack of interest, but a minimal total cost.

We distinguished three offers


That deserve more attention. If you are looking for a loan, check what we recommend this month.

A tailor-made loan – without interest

The loan does not provide for nominal interest, however the borrower must take into account a commission of 9.00%. The maximum loan amount is only USD 10,000.00, which, however, will certainly attract people who are looking for an offer for small expenses. The longest repayment period foreseen by Raiffeisen Polbank is 15 months. When applying for a loan of up to USD 5,000.00, the customer is not required to provide a certificate of employment and salary.

5.00% loan with a guarantee

Good Credit Bank offers attractive debt with a maximum value of USD 150,000.00. The borrower may spread the repayment of the liability into even 120 monthly, equal installments.

The loan interest rate is unchanged and amounts to only 5.00%, in addition, the borrower does not have to be afraid of additional fees. The bank does not charge any commission or preparation fee. To apply for a loan at Good Credit Bank you must be at least 21 years old, in addition, the bank requires a certificate of income and employment.

Cash loan

Loan and Credit offers a debt of up to USD 150,000.00. The loan can be divided into 84 monthly installments that will be equal throughout the duration of the contract.

The nominal interest rate on the loan is 5.90% and the commission for granting the debt is 2.00%. The bank ensures that a quick credit decision is issued and money is withdrawn within one day of the conclusion of the contract.

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